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Soundproof Generator Enclosure, Solution to Common Noise Problems

Soundproof Generator Enclosure, Solution to Common Noise Problems


A sound proof canopy, a sound proof container or sound attenuated enclosure are just some of the expressions used for making generators and reduce noise breakout. To make a generator as quiet as possible the air needs to travel further, dissipating the sound it carries prior to exiting the enclosure. Generator sets that are enclosed are sometimes incorrectly called silent generators… they are never completely silent.

How a to reduce noise

Generators that are not covered by an enclosure or close fit canopy are loud. So loud that working within 7 meters, depending on engine size would mean you would not be able to hear properly. Local Authorities have their own noise level guidance criteria to determine what sound levels are permissible when plant is located near to domestic dwellings.

What Goes In to a Sound Proof Generator Enclosure?

Most sound proof generators are treated with a composite material, typically they are layers of hard material intended to reflect the sound waves back into the enclosure. As well as this, there are layers of soft, porous and resilient material which have sound absorbent properties, which convert that energy into heat. Different frequencies are absorbed by varying materials. One method might work perfectly for absorbing very high frequency noise but poor at lower frequencies. A different method or material might be better at deflecting middle frequencies sound waves, but not so good at the high end. That is why most modern sound proof generators use several layers of different material types. Higher frequency sound is typically absorbed best by highly porous materials which can channel these smaller waves deep into the material, scattering and absorbing them. Lower frequency sound is a very different challenge. A generator enclosure can be engineered for a specific application and type of generator – or a specific and generic model and in order to ensure that the sound proof enclosure is as effective, it needs to be designed and tested.

Advantages of Soundproof Generator Enclosure

At the generator level, the enclosure protects it from rain, moisture, dust and dirt and provides the equipment with a housing to protect its components from improper handling. This allows the generator set to be placed almost anywhere. In addition, through elements incorporated into the enclosure such as insulation, ventilation, heating, etc. the equipment can be adapted to operate in cold, hot, humid, dusty environments.

At the customer level, an enclosure usually incorporates a barrier for acoustic insulation, electromagnetic emissions and vibrations to the ground. In short, it isolates from all the harmful and unpleasant effects of the generator set so that the customer perceives them as little as the technology allows, always complying with current regulations.

Another advantage of soundproof type generators is how easy they can be transported. In this sense, one of the most common formats in high-power equipment is to create an enclosure from a maritime container and with this format it is possible to transport a generator set to almost any part of the world.

  • They are suitable for outdoor installation. Their enclosure protects the components from the ingress of water.
  • This type of generators must be installed in areas with acoustic emission requirements.
  • Great versatility and flexibility.
  • They are suitable for specific events such as a sporting event, a concert, or similar. If we are in an emergency, the installation of soundproof generator sets can be immediate, reliable and ready to operate in any part of the world if the event of an energy need: sanitary, emergencies due to a natural disaster or even when an army needs reliable power for a detachment or unit anywhere in the world.
  • Its plug-and-play capability anywhere and for any type of application. All you need is fuel, and it will be ready to function at full capacity.


Do you have a generator or an air compressor that makes a lot of noise? The generator enclosure acts as a protective barrier for generators that are being housed outdoors and can be tailored to suit the local environment. Do you want to silence those appliances as much as possible? Beniko Industries limited is always ready to provide the most efficient solution to each client. We carry out this task with the maximum guarantees thanks to our experience within the sector, our in-depth knowledge of the technologies, characteristics and regulations, and the group of technicians and engineers ready to find the best solution.

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